July 28th, Chapel Tours

Friends of the North Clarendon Chapel are committed to seeing a new day for their beloved building and will be available on the Townwide sale, July 28th, 2018 to answer any questions as well as sell baking goods to raise the amount needed for the matching grant.

Tours will start on the hour from 10 AM to 4PM. Project Manager, Peter Coppola will answer questions between Noon and 2 PM.

Clarendon Heritage members will also be available to answer questions about other potential funding for other renovation projects in town. Clarendon has a collection of beautiful barns in need of some attention. Grants are available for other preservation efforts.

  • Where:  Old 7, between Moulton and North Shrewbury Road.
  • When: July 28th10-5PM
  • More information Press Releases

north clarendon chapel (15)


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