News-December 2019

Would you like to hear the Intact Bell of the North Clarendon Chapel?

National Registry Eligible, Chapel 1871, is going to have a solid roof. We have a dedicated roofer, Jim Mailhiot, who has offered, and been selected, to do the slate repairs and new standing seam back roof.

We have raised for this project 1/2 of what it will take to repair the slate and renew the back roofs.  If you want to hear “Intact Bell of the North Clarendon Chapel” or be a key founder of the rebirth of North Clarendon we need another $6000. We have a matching grant. That is any amount given will be matched by the donor by year end. Read more

Bells have been symbolizing the center of town, life and cheers all around the world for centuries.  Clarendon untouched village deserves to come to life again for local citizen to enjoy and gather. Read more

Historical Society of Clarendon Vermont

Efforts of the Historical Society of Clarendon Vermont has brought forth a world of images attesting to the uniqueness of our town. Visit their website to travel in history and see how laborious they are.

Village Designation

  • Any Vermont town, incorporated village chartered to function as a general purpose unit of local government, or a consortium of such entities, is eligible for funding. However, the majority of projects are a coordinated effort between the municipalities, community groups and local or state non-profit organizations or small businesses. Read more
  • Benefits

    The Village Designation program supports the revitalization efforts of small and medium-sized historic centers. The designation brings financial incentives, training and technical assistance needed to attract vitality to Vermont’s smaller communities.

2020 Goals for Clarendon Heritage

Chapel 1871 will have a solid roof so that we can proceed with other important application for grants to proceed with other repairs: Windows, painting etc… See history and plans.


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