Group contemplates church building’s future

Gordon Dritschilo | July 28, 2018  RUTLAND HERALD

CLARENDON — Anna Towle said she’s convinced the North Clarendon Chapel has shrunk. “When I was a kid it was an awful lot bigger,” said the 75-year-old from behind a table where she was selling vegetables Saturday on behalf of Friends of the North Clarendon Chapel. “My mother used to teach Sunday school. There were seven of us kids who kids who used to come. … Our minister was Mrs. Baker, Christina Baker. She used to be a missionary to India.”

The Friends were offering tours of the building and soliciting ideas from the community about what should be done with it once it’s been renovated. The chapel was constructed in 1871, and Nicolette Asselin, of Clarendon Heritage, said it has been closed since sometime in the 1980s.

“It was built as a little country church,” Asselin said. “It’s been closed, really, forever. … I guess they didn’t know about how to write grants, get money. … It’s not really unsafe. It’s just kind of gotten forgotten.”

Asselin has been working with the Friends organization, and got them a $250 grant to which they raised a $250 match for an assessment of the building.  CONT

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