If you wish to participate in the Preservation and Enhancement of Clarendon Heritage donations will be acknowledged on specific projects and/or on our website.

Contribution levels: 

Individuals:   $25/50/75/100/150


  •        Sponsor         $500
  •        Angel             $1000
  •        Benefactor   $5000
  •        Other amount

There are also naming opportunities.

  • To pay online, select contribution level and pay by credit card.
  • To send a payment: CorpWell Foundation PO Box 358 Cuttingsville, VT 05738-0358
  • To contribute in kind, or to set-up a recurrent grant, contact us.
  • Do you  have questions or wish to have someone make a presentation for your company or group? Please call us at (802) 468-7047 or email.

We thank you for your contributions.

Your contributions will leave an everlasting impact on the town of Clarendon.

CorpWell Foundation is a Not-for-Profit. Purchases, donations, and contributions are tax-deductible according to your particular allowable tax credits.