Jobs and Volunteer  Opportunities

Executive Assistant.

Part-time, mostly virtual within 30 miles of Cuttingsville, VT

North Clarendon Chapel Project

We are looking for people who are interested in all aspect of the Community Center project. We need a coordinator for events, gardeners, singers, and your enthusiasm.   Read onApply

State Barn Inventory 

We are looking for someone to help research and record barns for the State Database. Requirements, HS education or more. Apply

Natural Heritage

If you are a nature lover and know of special places in town, we are looking for your input. Read on. Apply

Art Heritage

If you are an art lover and know of art pertaining to Clarendon, we are looking for your ideas. Read on. Apply

Education-Field Classroom

If you are interested in giving lectures about Clarendon, our education Director is looking for volunteers. Read onApply