Barn Volunteers

This page is intended for volunteers who are doing barn census.

Background Information:

Current State of Vermont Registry:

These barns are on the State Historical registry but will be included in the census.

  1. Button Farm 1820’s House: Old Route 7, South of Clarendon Village
  2. Congdon Farm: Middle Road, Clarendon Village
  3. Gilman Farm: Middle Road, North Clarendon
  4. Kingsley Mill: Mill River Road, East Clarendon
  5. Pinkowski Farm: Int. Mowton Road and Middle Road, North Clarendon
  6. Powers House: Middle Road, Clarendon Village
  7. McLellan Farm: State-Aid Highway 3, Clarendon (Chippenhook)
  8. Smith Farm: Middle Road, Clarendon
  9. Webb Farm: Middle Road, North Clarendon

No reported barn on Creek Road.