Friends of the School House

Chippenhook Schoolhouse 1912-1914

Friends of the Chippenhook School House are residents of the area who wish to preserve the School listed as a State Historic Structure for it’s State and local significance.


The Chippenhook School House built in 1808. A fire in 1973 destroyed the original rear structure of the building. That addition was removed when the school was relocated from across the Chippenhook Ballfield to its present location in 1978.


According to the historical survey done in 1980, the School most distinctive feature, a narrow tower with open belfry, has been preserved. It is one of the remaining examples of this building type in Clarendon which at one time at 17 school districts.

Current condition:

The Chippenhook School House is in stable condition thanks to Bill Buschbaum, a scout leader who has addressed some of the maintenance.  Friends of the School House are working with Clarendon Heritage, the Preservation Trust of Vermont to ensure historical accuracy in restoration and maintenance efforts.

Clarendon Historical Society information on the School House

Photo credits: This ca. 1912-1914 photo is courtesy of Ken Heleba.