News – Fall 2017

  • North Clarendon Chapel           

Good News Newsletter 10-2017

North Clarendon Chapel has received a Robert Sincerbeaux Fund (RSF) Condition Assessment Grant managed by the Preservation Trust of Vermont.

RSF grants are used to hire a preservation contractor or architect to evaluate the condition of a historic building and make recommendations for its care. The consultant will prepare a report that prioritizes repairs and gives rough cost estimates so the Friends of the North Clarendon Chapel can plan fundraising strategies.

Preservation Advisor, Peter Coppola, and architect Tom Keefe from the firm ‘Keefe and Wesner’ will be conducting an assessment of the building to see if it can be restored for community activities in the future. Read more.

  • Barn Census

Efforts are expanded to start a Barn Census with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and Devin A. Colman | State Architectural Historian. The Barn Census Committee had its first meeting in September. The next steps are to identify which Barn would qualify, send a letter to owners and find more volunteers to assist in conducting the Census. If you are interested in volunteering contact Clarendon Heritage. If you are the owner of a barn and wish to have your barn included in the census please contact us. A folder is also available at the Bailey Library for consultation. Read more

  • Field Classroom

A first lecture about “How to Bring History Alive in Clarendon” will be given this fall at the Grange, sponsored both by the Clarendon Historical Society, Clarendon Heritage and organized by our Director of Educational Programs and Field Classroom, Charlie Harcourt. The topic will cover the importance of Preservation and approaches used to teach local history in schools and communities. (If you have subscribed to the newsletter you will receive a notice.) Read more

  • Clarendon Historical Society

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News – Summer-2017

  • North Clarendon Chapel

    The Chapel situated in North Clarendon is being evaluated for repairs. The Preservation Trust of Vermont will be sending a Field Representative in September to look at it and may grant a “Condition Assessment Grant”. Meanwhile, we have started a fundraiser to raise funds for its repairs and rehabilitation into a Community Center. Read more

  • Barn Census

    A Barn Census is underway.  Many barns are on the National Registry. The State of Vermont is working on a database to update the conditions. Read more. You may volunteer to assist with this project.

  • Field Classroom

Our Education Director is preparing Field Classes for the Fall Semester. If you are a teacher or are part of an organization that wishes to host a class, we recommend signing up early. Read more.

  • Archaeology

The Clarendon Historical Society is researching information on archeology and early settlers.  Meetings are third Wed of every month at 6 PM. Next date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017. Clarendon Town Hall.

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Get Involved and Help Us with the Barn Census

Let’s make Clarendon the winner of the Town with the most beautiful barns!

Taking part in the Vermont Barn Census could not be easier. Survey one barn, several outbuildings, or a whole farmstead. Volunteers are welcome to participate at their convenience. Students from elementary to high school are especially encouraged to participate. No prior experience in agriculture, construction, engineering, architecture, or history is required.

As a Barn Census volunteer, you will explore rural Vermont to find historic barns and agricultural buildings. The Barn Census is also a great way to get to know your community better. You will be amazed by what you can find when you explore the back roads of Vermont and talk with your farming neighbors. Take photos and make notes about the building’s features, history, use(s), and current condition. Census forms can be completed by individuals or by groups and submitted by mail or via the internet.

We intend the Barn Census to be an important first step in the preservation of these threatened resources. While inclusion in a survey does not guarantee the preservation of a structure or building, it raises awareness of the value of agricultural buildings and the importance of continued maintenance and uses.

The Barn Census is a project of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program, Historic Windsor’s Preservation Education Institute, Save Vermont Barns, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Barn Preservation

News Release — Vermont Division of Historic Preservation

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 State Barn Preservation Grants. Seventeen matching grants totaling $211,369 will aid in the restoration and maintenance of significant historic agricultural buildings in ten counties around the state. Cont


Who was Addie?

Addie M. Braisted lived or visited North Clarendon, VT. We have a postcard sent to her in 1889.

Help us discover who she was:

Join the Clarendon Historical Society and the ‘History and Heritage’ Research Committee. You will not regret your adventure into history and add to the significant Heritage of the town of Clarendon.

East Clarendon

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